Graduate Diploma of Arts (GradDipArts)

Graduate Rationale

The Graduate Diploma of Arts course is designed primarily for students who already hold a tertiary qualification in a non-theological discipline, who wish to pursue a graduate qualification in theology, and who are seeking skills in theological studies to enhance their professional work. Graduates will be able to apply a body of theological knowledge in a range of contexts relating to ministry and/or further learning.

Award Summary

Course Title

Graduate Diploma of Arts

AQF Level

AQF 8 – Graduate Diploma



Entrance Requirements

An AQF 7 Award

Course Duration

1 year full-time or up to 3 years part-time

Course Delivery

Online and face-to-face at our Horsley Park Campus

Course Structure

72 credit points (8 course units) at AQF 8 or AQF 9 level (8100 or 9200 series)

The Graduate Diploma of Arts may be taken with or without specialization

A specialization comprises four units (36 credit points) in a sub-discipline including at least one course unit (9 credit points) at 9600 level

Sub-Disciplines: Biblical Studies, Christian Ethics, Christian Spirituality, Church History, Mission, Pastoral Counselling, Pastoral Theology, Philosophy, Systematic Theology, Worship and Liturgy.

Articulation to Other Awards

The Graduate Diploma is a stand-alone award, however it can also qualify students for the Master of Arts (AQF 9), should they wish to further their studies. Thus, the Graduate Diploma of Arts articulates directly into the Master of Arts. Upon completion of the Master of Arts the student is required to surrender their Graduate Diploma of Arts.


Introducing Theology

Critical Academic Skills in Theological  Education

Introduction to the New Testament

Theology of Sacraments


Syriac 1: Reading and Grammar

Introduction to the Old Testament

Basic Christian Doctrines

Syriac 2

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