Semester 1 2021

Dates College Church SCD
Orientation Day
1 March Week 1 Commemoration of St George the Martyr (3rd March)
8 March Week 2 Middle of the Great Fast (10th March)
15 March Week 3 Commemoration of St Michael Friend of the Angels (21st March)
22 March Week 4 -Annunciation of St Mary (25th March)

-Friday of Lazarus (26th march)

-Palm Sunday (28th March)


Census date
29 March Holy Week -Thursday of Passover (1st April)

-Assyrian New Year (1st April)

-Good Friday (2nd April)

-Great Saturday (3rd April)

-Feast of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ (4th April)

5 April Vacation -Monday of the Theif (5th April)

-Friday of Confessors (9th April)

-New Sunday & Commemoration of St Moses (11th April)

12 April Week 5 -Commemoration of St Abraham the Mede (12th April)

-Commemoration of St Pinkhis (16th April)

-Commemoration of St Abraham, St Jonah the Ascetic, and St Ananias (18th April)

19 April Week 6 -Commemoration of St Hurmizd (19th April)

– Commemoration of St George the Martyr (24th April)

26 April Week 7 -Commemoration of St Mar Abimalek Timotheus (1st May)

-Commemoration of St Thaddeus the Apostle and St Daniel the Physician (2nd May)

3 May Week 8 -Commemoration of St Shmuni (Solomonia) and Her Sons (4th May)

-Commemoration of St Sergius and St Bacchus (7th May)

10 May Week 9 -Feast of our Lord’s Ascension (13th May)

-Comemmoration of St Mary (15th May)

-Commemoration of St Andrew the Apostle (16th May)

Saturday 15 May SCD Graduation
17 May Week 10 -Feast of Pentecost (23rd May)_

-Beginning of the Fast of the Apostles (23rd May)

24 May Week 11 Friday of Gold (28th May)
31 May Week 12 Commemoration of all Catholicos Patriarchs of Selucia-Ctesiphon (6th June)
7 June Exam Week -Commemoration of St Ephrem the Teacher (9th June)

-Commemoration of St Meelis and St Bar Qusry (13th June)

14 June Vacation
21 June Vacation
28 June Vacation -Commemoration of St Thomas the Apostle (3rd July)

-Commemoration of St Ezekiel of Daqoq (4th July)

5 July Vacation -Commemoration of the 72 Apostles (9th July)

-Feast of Nusardel (11th July)

-Commemoration of the 12 Disciples (11th July)

-Commemoration of St Mar Yousip Khananisho (11th July)

12 July Vacation -Commemoration of St Cyricus and his mother Julitta (15th July)

-St Jacob of Nisibis (16th July)

19 July Vacation Commemoation of St Mari the Apostle (23rd July)
26 July Vacation Beginning of the Fast of St Mary (1st August)


Semester 2 2021

Date College Church SCD
2 August Week 1 -Feast of the Transfiguration (6th August)

-Commemoration of the Assyrian Martyr (7th August)

9 August Week 2 -Commemoration of St Shmuni (Solomonia) and Her Sons (13th August)

-Commemoration of St Mary (15th August)

16 August Week 3 Commemoration of St Shimon Bar Sabbae (20th August)
23 August Week 4 -Commemoration of St Qardagh (27th August)

-Beiginning of the Fast of St Elijah (29th August)

Census date
30 August Week 5 -Commemoration of St Hurmizd (1st September)

-Commemoration of Mar Papa Catholicos (3rd September)

6 September Week 6
13 September Week 7 -Feast of the Cross (13th September)

-Commemoration of St Sawa the Physician, St Abdisho, St Zaia, St Bisho, and all the Saints (14th September)

-Commemoration of St Shalita (19th September)

20 September Vacation
27 September Vacation Commemoration of St Sawrisho of Beth Qoqa (3rd October)
5 October Week 8 Monday 4th October Labour Day
11 October Week 9 -Commemoration of St Elijah the Tishbite, St John Aghotaya, and St Michael Friend of the Angels (15th October)

-Commemoration of St Sergius and St Bacchus (17th October)

18 October Week 10 Commemoration of St Elijah Kherthaya (20th October)
25 October Week 11 Commemoration of St Pithyon and Rogation of St George the Martyr (25th October)
1 November Week 12 -Commemoration of St George the Martyr, St Akha and St Mikha (1st November)

-Commemoration of the blessed St Eugene and His Friends (5th November)

8 November  Exam Week
Vacation -Commemoration of St Abdisho of Urmia

-Commemoration of the dismembered St Jacob (19th November

22 November Vacation
29 November Vacation Beginning of the Fast of the Annunciation (1st December)
6 December Vacation
13 December Vacation
20 December Vacation Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ (25th December)
27 December Vacation Commemoration of St Mary (31st December)



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