Academic Calendar

Important Dates:

Semester 1applications close & online orientation: 23rd February 2024
Semester 2 applications close: 26th July 2024

Semester 1 2024
Dates College Week/ SCD Church Events
Monday 26th February

Week 1

First class: Thursday 29th February

Monday 4th March Week 2

The middle of the Great Fast

Wednesday 6 March 

Monday 11th March Week 3

Commemoration of St. Michael friend of the Angels

Sunday 17 March

Monday 18th March

Week 4

Census Date: Friday 22nd March

Palm Sunday – Sunday 24 March
Monday 25th March Mid-Semester Break

Friday of Lazarus – Friday 22 March

Monday 1st April Mid-Semester Break

Monday of the Thief and

Assyrian New Year – Monday 1 April

Friday of Confessors – Friday 5 April

New Sunday and Commemoration of St. Moses – Sunday 7 April

Monday 8th April Week 5

Commemoration of St. Abraham Mede

– Monday 8 April

Commemoration of St. Pinkhis

– Friday 12 April

Commemoration of St. Abdisho, St. Jonah the Ascetic and St. Khanania – Sunday 14 April

Monday 15th April Week 6

Commemoration of St. Hurmizd – Monday 15 April

Monday 22nd April Week 7

Commemoration of St. George the Martyr

– Wednesday 24 April

Monday 29th April Week 8

Commemoration of St. Addaeus the Apostle

– Sunday 28 April

Commemoration of St Abimalek Timothy

– Wednesday 1 May

Commemoration of St. Sergius and St. Bacchus – Friday 3 May

Commemoration of St. Daniel the Doctor

– Sunday 5 May

Monday 6th May Week 9

Commemoration of St Shmuni and her Sons

– Tuesday 7 May

Feast of our Lord’s Ascension – Thursday 9 May

Commemoration of St. Andrew the Apostle

– Sunday 12 May

Monday 13th May Week 10

Commemoration of St Mary – Wednesday 15th May

Feast of Pentecost, Beginning of the Fast of the Apostles – Sunday 19th May

Monday 20th May Week 11

Friday of Gold – Friday 24 May

Monday 27th May Week 12

Commemoration of all Catholicos-Patriarchs of Seleucia-Ctesiphon – Sunday 2 June

Monday 3rd June Exam Week

Commemoration of St. Meelis and St. Bar Qusry and St. Ephraim the Teacher – Sunday 9 June

Commemoration of St. Ezekiel of Daqoq

– Sunday 30 June


Mid-Year Recess 10th June 2024 – 26th July 2024


Semester 2 2024
Dates College Church Events
Monday 29th July

Week 1

First Class – Thursday 1 August

Beginning of the Fast of St Mary – Thursday 1 August

Monday 5th August

Week 2

Feast of the Transfiguration – Tuesday 6 August

Assyrian Martyrs Day – Wednesday 7 August

Commemoration of St Shmuni and Her Sons – Friday 9 August

Monday 12th August Week 3

Commemoration of the Virgin Mary

-Thursday 15 August

Commemoration of Mar Shimun Bar Sabbae – Friday 16 August

Monday 19th August Week 4
Census Date: Friday 23rd August

Commemoration of St Qardagh- Friday 23 August

Beginning of the Fast of St. Elijah

– Sunday 25 August

Monday 26th August Week 5

Commemoration of St. Papa Catholicos

-Friday 30 August

Monday 2nd September Week 6

Commemoration of St Hurmizd – Sunday 1 September

Monday 9th September Week 7

Feast of the Cross Friday 13 September

Commermoration of St. Sawa the Doctor, St Abdisho, St. Zaia, St. Bisho and all Saints

-Saturday 14 September

Monday 16th September

Mid-Sem Break

Monday 23rd September

Mid-Sem Break

Monday 30th September

Week 8

Commemoration of St. Sawrisho of Beth Qoqa, St Tephan and St Khnana

Monday 7th October

Week 9

Monday 7 October Labour Day

Commemoration of St Elijah the Tishbite and The End of the Fast of St. Elijah – Friday 11 October

Monday 14th October Week 10

Commemoration of John Aghotaya and St. Michael Friend of Angels – Tuesday 15 October

Monday 21st October Week 11

Commemoration of St. Pithyon – Friday 25 October

Monday 28th October Week 12

Rogation of St. George the Martyr

-Monday 28 October

Monday 4th November Exam Week

Commemoration of St. Akha and Mikha   

– Friday 1 November

Commemoration of St. George the Martyr

– Monday 4 November

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