Professor Matthew Del Nevo


  • BA AppSocSci (Lanchester Polytechnic UK), BD (Honours) (USyd, 1991), GradDipEd (ACU, 2001); PhD (USyd 1996)
  • Bachelor of Divinity Honours Thesis title: An Anatomy of Comparative Spirituality: Common Ground in St Augustine and the Eastern Fathers
  • PhD Thesis title: Reading Edmond Jabès
    [Edmond Jabès was a post-Holocaust Egyptian-born French poet. He was the author the Le livre des questions in seven volumes (1963-1973) Le Livre des ressemblances in three volumes (1978-1980) and Le Livre des limites in four volumes (1982-1987). He died in 1991.]


Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor of Philosophy, Catholic Institute of Sydney (current)
  • Academic Board of Catholic Institute of Sydney (CIS) [since 2009]
  • Coordinator of Philosophy with Department of Humanities in the Christian Tradition
  • Research Degree Committee of Catholic Institute [since 2010]
  • Research committee of Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) [since 2005]
  • Development Committee of AlphaCrucis College [since 2015]
  • 2014, Academic Dean of Catholic Institute of Sydney (in lieu position)
  • 2014, Academic Standards Committee (Sydney College of Divinity)
  • 2012 External consultant for AlphaCrucis College (Australian Christian Churches [ACC] National Ministry training college)
  • 2012-2016 Research Committee Alpha Crucis College
  • 2012-2016 Ethics Committee Alpha Crucis College
  • 2012, External Review Committee AlphaCrucisCollege (Chairperson)
Last modified: November 23, 2020

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