Bishop Mar Abris Youkhanan

Education and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Theology (Babel College for Philosophy and Theology) Baghdad – 2006
  • Bachelor of Political Science (Baghdad University) Baghdad – 2007
  • Masters of Moral Theology (Research title: Moral Aspects in the First Ten Demonstrations of AFRAHAT the Persian Sage) from (Alphonsiana Academy) affiliated with the Lateran University, Rome – 2011.
  • PhD in Moral Theology (Research title: The Anaphoras of the Assyrian Church of the East: a Source of Christian Moral) from the same academy, with honours, Rome – 2016.

Ecclesiastical Appointments:

  • Served as parish priest in Mar Youkhanna Church, Ankawa, Erbil since the 3rd of May 2016 till the date of the episcopal ordination.
  • Serving as the Bishop of Erbil and Patriarchal Auxiliary for the Assyrian Church of the East since the 7th of May, 2017

Teaching Experience:

  • Teaching (Fundamental Moral Theology) in Babel College for Philosophy and Theology. Academic Year (2018-2019)
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